Marolda began guitar lessons after he heard the Beatles for the first time. Then he decided that Music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He learned how to play various instruments and put together his first band. A fan of all music genres, Marolda cites the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, Prokofiev and the British Invasion as his musical inspiration and influences.

A few years later he would showcase and record his own songs by building Songgram Recording studio. Artists like The Smithereens, Richie Sambora, Bruce Foster, Valentine, Instant Funk recorded there.

Sambora frequently visited Songgram Studio. In an interview he said about Tommy: “He's one of those guys that plays everything and does everything. He has an unusual and abstract take on things, which I like. He has a bit of everything. He understands different flavors of music and all kinds of stuff.” For Richie's solo album, ‘Stranger In This Town' (1991) they wrote the single “Ballad of Youth”, which was on the Billboard charts. 

Tom's first hit solo record ‘THE TOMS' (1979) was written, produced and recorded at his home studio within three days. Billboard magazine called it the best power-pop record of the decade. This is still one of the most sought-after LP on the market.   

"THE TOMS' was followed by TOM FOOLERY (1981), THE TOMS – Four Letter Words (1982) and THE TOMS – ‘Yawning For Pleasure' (1986). 

In 1984 Tommy was nominated for a GRAMMY as writer and producer under the category Best Album of Original Score Written For a Motion Picture 'Stayin' Alive'. 

In 1994 Tommy released Horizontal Ladies Club (DOMO Records Inc.) with Richie Sambora as a guest performer along with Pete Maloney (drummer for Tonic and Dishwalla). The CD was mixed by Peter Kelsey, who mixed and engineered Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' album. ‘Horizontal Ladies Club' sold well into five figures in Japan. It was followed by another album ‘HLC' in 1998 for Japan release only. 

Besides his career as a solo artist, Tommy was a signed staff writer for 14 years with Paramount Pictures Famous Music Publishing Company. He also worked on gold and platinum albums for many world known artists , soundtracks , TV specials and has written numerous award winning television commercials, radio jingles, and other songs, including various official theme songs.

Currently, Marolda is producing solo artists and bands from all over the world. He is always looking for a new young talent, and helps them to be exposed to the world.

Ronnie Fabre, Las Vegas vocal coach, has been a great source of new talented artists.